Check Out This Old 2012 Build of Stardew Valley

For Stardew Valley‘s one-year anniversary, developer Concerned Ape takes us back to a 2012 build of the game.

Last year on this day, Stardew Valley was released. The game was a herculean effort from a single developer: “Concerned Ape”, and took him over five years to finally get “right”. Needless to say, the game was very well received, and Ape has been reveling in its success. For the game’s one-year anniversary, Ape is taking us back all the way to 2012, when Stardew Valley was just a pipe dream pet project. It’s interesting to see how much the game has changed since then, and how much it has maintained the same core concepts.

Check out some images from the 2012 build of the game, which was known as “Sprout Valley” at the time:

Ape says that a lot of ideas from his original game were scrapped entirely. For instance, the original version of the dungeon was proceduraly generated and completely destructible (a-la Minecraft) and the original NPC portraits were painstakingly hand-drawn.

“Anyway, even back in 2012… when the game looked awful… there were people following it and encouraging me to continue. I appreciate that. To all of you who are reading this, who have played Stardew Valley and built an amazing community around it… thank you so much. The mods, the wiki, the encouraging messages, the fan art… I love it, and I’m so grateful and thankful for your support! I will continue to work hard and do my best to create memorable gaming experiences for you all, through Stardew Valley and whatever comes next!” wrote Concerned Ape.

Source: Stardew Valley

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