Check Out What Shelob Looks Like in this New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer


The newest trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War features Shelob as you’ve never seen her before – in human form.

Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Monolith and Warner Bros. rolled out a new trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and this one features Shelob, the gargantuan spider that you may remember from The Two Towers book, or The Return of the King movie. But in the new trailer, Shelob does something you won’t expect – she turns herself into a human.

As you can see, Shelob appears to be a vital part of Talion’s plans in Shadow of War, but Celebrimbor isn’t so trusting. We’ll have to wait for game to come out to see if Shelob is actually interested in helping Talion save Middle-Earth, or if she’s just playing her own little game. My money is on the latter.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 10.

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