Children Become Voice Actors in Hilarious Dragon Age Video

This charming Dragon Age vignette might be your only chance to hear the words “magic” and “nug” in the same sentence.

As a dark fantasy series, the Dragon Age games usually take themselves rather seriously. Of course, as the video below proves, “usually” doesn’t mean “always.”

The video was scripted by BioWare and voiced by the lucky recipients of a “BioWare Experience,” courtesy of the Children with Cancer charity. The Dragon Age developer auctioned off the experience, which included the chance to help design a character, a tour of the studio’s Edmonton office, and, of course, the opportunity to be part of a unique entry in the BioWare canon, at this year’s Beaded Journey Gala.

The auction raised $15,500, and provided the rest of us with a look into the life of a Free Marches adventurer that we might otherwise have missed. I have to say, the kids do a pretty good job with the voices. I especially like the rather adorable Arishok who hopes to get his – or is it her? – hands on a magic nug.

Source: Destructoid

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