A Chinese-language sitcom has shown its love for PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies.

PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies tasks players to defend their abodes from zombies using plant attackers. It’s pretty self explanatory, really. Plants vs. Zombies must have gained quite a bit of popularity in China, because a live-action web sitcom from the region has parodied the game.

The sitcom, called 嘻哈4重奏 (which translates to something like “The Hip Hop 4” according to Google Translate), appears to follow a group of traveling students as a promotion for some sort of morning dew/honey beverage. Much to their chagrin, in this particular episode they happen to take up residence in a haunted house filled with zombies.

Once they notice the zombies hanging around, the kids run outside to find an group of zombies coming at them, just like in Plants vs. Zombies. Amongst the attackers are the game’s newspaper-reading zombie, cone-head zombie, flag zombie, bucket-head zombie and ladder zombie (about 4:20 in).

To scare the monsters away, the sitcom’s characters load their mouths up with seeds and spit them at the zombies. When that doesn’t work, they upgrade to throwing cabbage. When that still isn’t strong enough, one of the kids buys a watermelon from the show’s version of Plants vs. ZombiesCrazy Dave, an in-game character and vendor. It turns out that none of these food items actually work for repelling zombies. That’s called false advertising, PopCap.

What does end up working is a cherry bomb, which a character then decides to eat, blowing his head off. The sitcom isn’t going to win any awards for special effects, but it’s good for a laugh if you’re a Plants vs. Zombies fan nonetheless.

Source: Youku

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