Chris Redfield Goes Mad Max In RE5 PC Costumes


PC gamers looking to pick up Capcom’s latest in zombie hunting will get an interesting set of costumes – Sheva the office worker and Chris the, uh, BDSM fetishist.

Yeah, I’m not even sure where to start with this one, so how about just the facts? Resident Evil 5 will be hitting PC’s September 15, and those who pick it up will be rewarded with not only a revised Mercenaries mode, but some extra bonus costumes – as pictured to the right.

Those are certainly some, er, interesting costumes, eh? Sure, Sheva’s office temp outfit looks fine, if somewhat out of place in the sweltering African savanna, but Chris? What, did he just get back from the fetish club’s Mad Max theme night? Who the hell did he piss off at Capcom for this treatment?

Or is this a direct reaction to the hubbub over Sheva’s “sexy tribal” bikini? If so, I can’t help but feel that Capcom really hasn’t learned their lesson here.

(Via Joystiq)

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