Christmas spent with families are a good thing. Traditions on Christmas make it better. Every family has their own traditions and mine just happens to deal with gadgets. Each Christmas my brother and I receive one special gadget/electronic from our parents. This has gone on for as long as I can remember. Mini-disk players, cd players, tv’s, dvd players, all sorts of good stuff. Sometimes if it’s something big we’ll have to share. More often than not we get the exact same thing.

My brother usually breaks his or attempts to take it apart within a few days. Many of mine are still in use today. This Christmas’ gadget of choice is a 60gb iPod Video. I have joined the masses in the iPod revolution and I am in love with it. I didn’t think this thing would be so cool. 60gb is enough to keep track of my music, some videos, pictures and whatever else I’d like to throw on it. It will keep track of all of my contacts, has a calendar (extremely useful for people like me who are eternally organized – can never have things written down in too many places), and even has games. Granted playing solitaire on the iPod is a bit difficult, but its still a great time killer. Whether or not my current fascination will last is still to come, but so far I think this is the best gadget I’ve ever gotten on a Christmas. Thanks Mom, you did well this year. And to you, Apple, how I love thee.

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