Chrono Trigger Heads Toward PSN


Chrono Trigger, the acclaimed Super Nintendo RPG that follows a group of unlikely heroes traveling through time, is slated to come to Playstation Network this year.

Sony and publisher Square Enix have yet to announce the title’s release, but a recent ESRB rating makes a PSN release more than likely. The organization has given random ratings to games in the past but it doesn’t exactly rate random, old games. What isn’t clear at the moment is which version of Chrono Trigger PS3 and PSP owners will be able to download and play later this year.

The original 1994 SNES release goes for as high as $3,999 on eBay, but the non-filthy-rich consumer can play the game on the original Playstation as part of Final Fantasy Chronicles. The 2001 compilation, which came packaged with Final Fantasy IV, added gorgeous animated scenes (yay) and long load times (no!) Another alternative, and perhaps the best one, is the Nintendo DS port from 2008, where players can find new dungeons and a helpful map screen added by developer Square Enix. Japanese mobile phones and Wii’s Virtual Console will also receive ports next month.

The Virtual Console version will be a straight port of the SNES original, and it’s safe to assume that PSN’s offering will be taken from Final Fantasy Chronicles. ESRB’s recent rating (T) also lines up with this theory, so don’t be upset when you don’t see a new improved Chrono Trigger in the PsOne Classics section of the PSN store.

As for the mobile phone version? That’s anyone’s guess, at the moment.

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