Spectacled Bear Games needs 6,500 dollars to fund its competitive city-building game CitiesUp.

While the most recent SimCity did seemingly everything it could to make city-building as frustrating and un-fun as possible, it couldn’t erase the love that people have the genre. Whether you’re building a tiny town or managing a massive metropolis, games where you build cities still have a huge audience. Recognizing this, the folks at Spectacled Bear Games hope to release a new game aimed at bringing a new city-building experience to tabletops.

The creators of CitiesUP, the company recently launched a Kickstarter aimed at raising money to publish their game. A competitive city building game for 2-4 people, it casts the players as investors working to develop a city by constructing “as many buildings as possible and supply[ing] them with water, electricity and services.” Each thing you build in the game produces taxes that you can then use to build even more while also improving their score. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins.

What I personally find neat about CitiesUP is the way it spins an experience clearly inspired by single-player game like SimCity into a shared space competitive experience. Just looking at the game, I can already picture arguing over map space and cursing the name of my opponents as they fill the maps limited real estate face with their acquisitions. Spectacled Bear would also point out that, unlike other city management titles, CitiesUP is designed to be a 3D experience with the city growing up as well as out as the game progresses. All in all, it’s an interesting title and, with barely 2,000 dollars left before it reaches its 6,519 dollar goal, it definitely looks like something that might be worth your money.
Source: Kickstarter

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