A studio of volunteers tries to ensure City of Heroes concept can make a comic book-style resurrection.

The latest game to seek reincarnation on Kickstarter is none other than former superhero-themed MMO City of Heroes. Released in 2004 by Cryptic Studios and NCSOFT, the game’s servers were shut down about a year ago in November 2012, along with those of its standalone expansion, City of Villains.

However, new studio Missing Worlds Media, comprised entirely of volunteers, has stepped up to continue the legacy of the previous games. While not an official sequel, their title, City of Titans, also called “The Phoenix Project,” seeks to be a community-built game that serves as “a new home for the heroic spirit, but not a clone or replica,” according to the official Kickstarter page. Missing Worlds Media is looking to raise $320,000 before Nov. 4. So far, they’ve collected more than $93,000 after only launching today.

Missing Worlds Media has set down a few details so far, including subscription model. There is no plan to sell physical copies of the game, instead relying on digital services such as Steam. Customers will need to pay for what Missing Worlds Media is calling “the box,” which is to say the game itself and the first three months of a VIP subscription. The final details of the VIP service are not yet finalized, but you won’t be required to keep the paid subscription to continue playing. Free and VIP players are both, of course, more than welcome to purchase from the in-game cash store, which Missing Worlds Media promises will offer items that are a good value for a player’s money but not serve as a “pay to win” service.

While the team certainly seems passionate about their project, Kickstarter can be a fickle mistress. Hopefully, their project will go more the way of Mighty No. 9 than Shadow of the Eternals.

Source: Kickstarter

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