Warner Bros. apparently thinks the next Clash of the Titans flick will be divine enough that the series already deserves another sequel.

Clash of the Titans was a bit of surprise hit last year. After it made nearly $500 million worldwide, nobody batted an eye when Warner Bros. announced a sequel. However, this is a little more surprising: Even though the second Clash of the Titans movie isn’t due out for another five months or so, Warner Bros. is beginning work on a third film in the series.

It’s been revealed that two writers who worked on the screenplay for the second Titans movie – which is called Wrath of the Titans, by the way – have been brought onto the project to write a treatment for the third movie. According to Screen Rant:

Early word is that Clash of the Titans 3 will once again feature Perseus (Sam Worthington) as its protagonist. Wrath of the Titans also reportedly “leaves the door open” for Poseidon’s demigod son Agenor (Toby Kebbell) to return in the third film. However, it is not yet clear whether either actor is already officially signed on to reprise their respective roles.

At this point, a threequel to the series seems rather optimistic. Even though it made a lot of money, Clash of the Titans was savaged by a lot of critics (though MovieBob seemed to enjoy it to an extent) and early Hollywood projections don’t show the general public expressing much interest in the second film.

Accordingly, “Wrath of the Titans is being talked up as a significant improvement on its predecessor in all respects, but most moviegoers are (for now) highly skeptical of that claim. As a result, the second Titans movie is much less of a surefire hit than the impending Holmes sequel.”

For the moment, Clash of the Titans 3 isn’t in full-on production yet, but a treatment this early shows a lot of optimism on the studio’s part. I guess we’ll have to see just how well Wrath of the Titans does before another sequel for the series officially gets the green light.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Screen Rant

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