Classic Arcade Stand-Ups Brought to Life in LEGO


Take two great childhood memories, smash them together and you might just end up with LEGO Arcade, a YouTube video featuring animations of a half-dozen arcade classics rendered entirely in colorful plastic bricks.

What could be better than a re-imagining of your youthful memories brought to life with one of the finest toys of childhood? The LEGO Arcade, created by YouTube user MichaelHickox, is a dead ringer for six arcade classics, including Frogger, Pac-Man and Asteroids, complete with true-to-life sound effects and music lifted straight from 1982.

Hickox, who seems to have kind of a “thing” for LEGO, has also posted a LEGO Donkey Kong video and several LEGO Mario videos as well. But it has to be said: He has a great touch with LEGO but based on this video, his arcade skills could use some practice.

via: Boing Boing Offworld

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