Classic Half-Life Mod Gets Next-Gen Remake


In case you missed Natural Selection, hailed as one of the best mods ever for Half-Life, you’re getting another chance.

Natural Selection, a multi-player mod released for Half-Life in 2002 and described as “the most ambitious mod every brought to fruition”, is to get a sequel/remake early next year, bringing the game’s unique gameplay to a new generation of gamers.

Players will be able to pick either the marine-esque Frontiersmen or the alien Kharaa and fight for dominance in dynamic and changeable environment, with both sides playing in a totally different way. Especially notable is the Frontiersmen ‘Commander’, who will play the game like an RTS.

Natural Selection 2 was originally designed to run on the Source Engine, but Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the development studio set up by NS1 creator Charlie Cleveland, have since transferred the game to its proprietary ‘Spark’ Engine.

Natural Selection 2is available to pre-order now, with the pennies you supply going to fund further development. Unknown Worlds plan to release the level editor to everyone who pre-orders the game, and then buy the best levels for inclusion in the final release.

For more information, check out Natural Selection 2‘s official site.

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