Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game LawBreakers Revealed


New studio founded by Gears of War creator provides details on first game.

A debut trailer for the first game from Boss Key Productions has announced its official title, LawBreakers, during a livestream earlier today. Previously known as “Project Bluestreak”, the game is a team-based arena first-person shooter which will utilize gravity-based mechanics.

The trailer released today provides the post-post-apocalyptic setting for LawBreakers, a world where mankind has rebuilt after an event known as The Shattering destroyed the moon and rendered gravity on Earth inconsistent. The stage for conflict is set when the world’s criminal cartels unify under one banner and, calling themselves the “Breakers”, begin to spread drugs and violence using the technological advances humanity created to survive in the aftermath of the cataclysm.

A brief follow-up stream on Twitch hosted by Community Manager Rohan Rivas after the announcement (since removed) provided some additional details. Currently, the team is developing content geographically located in the United States, as referenced by the trailer, but the door was left open for the possibility of other locales in the future. Rivas also noted that the game is being viewed as a “service” by the developer, which is planning for long-term content support following launch.

A gameplay reveal has been set for Friday at 9am ET, with a trailer showing the game in action due to arrive on its official YouTube channel.

Boss Key is also not wasting any time in giving players an opportunity to check it out for themselves. A playable demo will be offered this Saturday and Sunday in Seattle (during, but not part of, the PAX Prime show), with more specific details on times and location to be announced soon.

Source: YouTube

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