CliffyB Announces New Free-to-Play Shooter Blue Streak


CliffyB has revealed that his latest game with his new studio Boss Key will be a free-to-play shooter developed in partnership with Nexon.

Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski has revealed that his new studio Boss Key is working on a new free-to-play “Sci-Fi PC arena shooter” that, for the moment, is being developed under the code name Blue Streak. The reveal came by way of Bleszinski’s Twitter account where he also announced that the new project was being developed in cooperation with the veteran free-to-play developers at Nexon.

“@BossKey will be working with Nexon to publish a Free2Play Sci-Fi PC arena shooter code named #BlueStreak,” said Bleszinski. He followed up this Tweet with another a few minutes later where he affirmed that the game won’t be receiving a “fake CG trailer showing ‘gameplay’ because that’s not how @bosskey does it.”

While that one could potentially see that as a sign of integrity, it also means that there’s currently no visual content to gauge what sort of style Blue Streak is being crafted in. That in mind, it will be interesting to see, as more details emerge, if Bleszinski will opt to continue with the grim and grit of the Gears of War games or if he’s going to opt for a slightly brighter palette in his new game.

Source: Twitter

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