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Clockwork Revolution Is a BioShock-Inspired Time Travel FPS RPG from inXile

Clockwork Revolution Gameplay Reveals BioShock Time Travel FPS RPG from inXile

Clockwork Revolution isn’t BioShock, but the dystopian world and time-travel gameplay revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase certainly make its inspirations clear. This first-person steampunk RPG comes from Wasteland series developer inXile Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios and takes place in the busy city of Avalon. It’s quite the change of pace for the team, with this first footage looking like an ambitious FPS that focuses on story as players aim to change the past and influence the present. BioShock Infinite seems to be the biggest inspiration when it comes to its setting, but its steampunk setting and time-travel mechanics tease an original IP that should stand on its own, too. You can see the gameplay-packed Clockwork Revolution reveal trailer for yourself below.

The Clockwork Revolution gameplay we got during the Xbox Games Showcase makes it look like inXile is creating an explosive shooter with an intriguing story. Additional details were revealed in a follow-up Xbox Wire post, where the developers promised “the ability to create your own unique character from the ground up.” Unfortunately, this is all we’ve seen from the game so far, and there’s no telling when we’ll see it again. That said, we do know a bit more about how its story and gameplay intertwine thanks to a short summary provided by the team:

Clockwork Revolution is a time-bending steampunk first-person RPG. After stumbling across an incredible invention that allows you to travel into the past, you discover the city you call home—the vibrant steam-powered metropolis of Avalon—has been carefully crafted through the alteration of historical events. By traveling back to key moments, your interactions and choices will have a butterfly effect on the deep, narrative-driven world and characters of Avalon, causing them to change and react in unprecedented ways.

Clockwork Revolution is geared to come to PC via Steam, Xbox Series X | S, and Game Pass at an unspecified point in the future. We’ve already gotten an in-game look at what’s to come, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to see more.

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