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Cobra Kai Season 5 Official Trailer Sets Up Dozens of Epic Karate Conflicts

Cobra Kai season 5 official trailer Netflix Daniel LaRusso Johnny Lawrence Chozen team up

Netflix has unleashed the official trailer for Cobra Kai season 5, which premieres September 9 on the service, and basically every scene is about people realizing they have intense problems with other people. It’s terrific! Picking up from the last season, the maniacal Sensei Terry Silver is preparing to take over the Valley with his “no mercy” brand of Cobra Kai karate while Kreese is still in jail for the crime for which he was framed by Silver. (That sentence you just read is factually accurate yet so dumb, and I love it.) Meanwhile, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence seemingly choose to dissolve Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang respectively, but it appears to be part of a larger plan to take down Cobra Kai.

Perhaps most importantly though, Daniel, Johnny, and freakin’ Chozen are teaming up. And Johnny and Chozen look so cool and tough back to back. Check out the Cobra Kai season 5 official trailer and bask in the cheesy perfection.

Notably, this new Cobra Kai trailer seems to lack Sean Kanan, who was recently confirmed to be returning as Karate Kid Part III antagonist Mike Barnes. He has only been seen in a single photo so far, creating an air of mystery of how exactly he will be incorporated into the series. We won’t be waiting too long to find out though, with Cobra Kai season 5 just a few weeks away now on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the game Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising was also recently announced, bringing a ton of new content and playable characters.

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