After seeing success with licensed titles, Codemasters is eager to cash in on MMOGs directly.

Codemasters Online Gaming has said it will develop MMOGs in-house.

The company already has partnerships for four games and a fifth slated for later this year, but according to its vice president, David Solari, it always planned to developer its own titles, too.

“We always had a five-year plan and it was always in the middle of that five-year plan that we would start developing our own games,” said Solari.

He appeared cognizant of the potential pitfalls of working on an MMOG: “We are looking at that and we have to think very carefully about what title is right, what will work in the future. These aren’t easy questions to answer and it’s very easy to fail in the MMO market so you’ve got to take your time, be careful and be sensible,” he said.

Codemasters has worked with two major licenses, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online and two Korean imports.

Solari said those were necessary learning experiences.

“The model that we took initially was licensing games – we will get into development eventually – but we did licensing so we could manage the risk and learn more about the business.”


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