An argument over a seat at the San Diego Comic-Con resulted in an attendee stabbing another in the eye.

As San Diego Comic-Con 2010’s Resident Evil: Afterlife panel was coming to an end in the San Diego Convention Center’s Hall H last night, everything was peachy dandy and a fan or two was probably high on life after misconceiving a look by Milla Jovovich as amorous. Amidst these feelings of love, a dispute over a seat began between two attendees, which led to a nasty eye stabbing.

Hall H was set to feature the stars of upcoming movies Paul and Cowboys & Aliens next, followed by a Marvel Studios panel on Captain America and Thor, which one attendee may have wanted to see a little too much. On the scene, Sergeant Gary Mondesir of the San Diego Police Department told CBR: “Basically, inside of Hall H during Comic-Con, prior to one of the showings, two males got into a dispute. One male attacked the other male, stabbing him on the side of his eye with a pen.”

The pen stabber was detained before he could do any more damage. He reportedly became angered when he told the victim to leave his seat and the victim wanted to stay for the next panel. There is no word on if the pen was just a Bic or one of those really fancy ones with a boat that goes back and forth as you tilt it.

Despite the stabbing, Comic-Con programming was only delayed for around 40 minutes. Mondesir was surprised by the violence, saying: “This is extremely rare. The folks that attend here are extremely well behaved … We have no problem with the attendees of Comic-Con.” The attacker was taken to the slammer and will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Via: CBR

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