Coming Soon to a TiVo Near You: Integrated Netflix Streaming

TiVo HD 310x

Three cable providers are bringing Netflix to their TiVo service.

Netflix has long been the arch-rival of cable, a charter member of the Anti-Cable Illuminati (totally a real group, guys). But what’s this? Soon you’ll be able to dig into Netflix’s selection straight through your TiVo box.

RCN, Atlantic Broadband, and Grande Communications have all partnered up with Netflix, and each will soon offer Netflix access directly through their TiVo software. Users will have to have a Netflix account in order to use the service, along with having a TiVo box instead of a vanilla cable box unit.

RCN is the biggest of the trio, but does Grande Communications (apparently an RCN subsidiary, according to the press release) ring a bell? They’re the Texas-based telco that started offering wicked cheap gigabit fiber Internet down in Austin back in February.

None of the three providers will be charging additional fees to access Netflix via the TiVo hardware. If you have a TiVo box with one of the trio, and a Netflix account, you’re good to go.

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