Command & Conquer 4 Taking Cues From MMOGs?

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The next Command & Conquer game might feature some MMOG-style gameplay, according to an EA survey that proposes ideas for Command & Conquer 4.

Command & Conquer might be following in the footsteps of fellow RTS franchises like Relic’s Dawn of War by implementing heavy RPG elements into its gameplay formula. In a survey designed to gauge fan interest in the future of the C&C franchise, EA provides a hypothetical description of Command and Conquer 4:

Command & Conquer 4 allows C&C fans to finally experience the epic conclusion to the 15-year Tiberium saga with innovative RPG-like player progression, persistent in both single player and Multiplayer modes, co-op play, and new stylized, live-action cinematics.”

C&C4, the survey states, will be “the first RTS game with MMORPG like player progression in which you are rewarded every time you play.” Whenever you kill a unit in any mode, you’ll receive experience points that will allow you to level up abilities, unlock new units, powers and upgrades. Adding to the MMOG-esque nature of the game would be the inclusion of player classes, which EA calls a “new challenge for C&C and RTS players to master.”

Other hypothetical qualities the survey proposes C&C4 might take on include the return of co-op, 5 on 5 multiplayer online, “the first mobile base in RTS games,” and an all-new story by a new team of writers that uses “grittier, stylized FMVs” that will take after Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Minority Report.

If you do or don’t like the idea of your RPGs mixing with your RTSes, head over here and take the survey for yourself and let EA know what you think. The company, despite the presence of an EA logo on the survey page, was unwilling to confirm the existence of C&C4.

[Via Shacknews]
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