Community Member Creates Musical Tribute to The Escapist

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In this arrangement dedicated to all things Escapist, btenkink has certainly touched all the bases.

With a daily influx of adorable animal pictures as well as an occasional mailing of cookies, we here at The Escapist thought we had everything. That is until a dedicated fan sent us this original musical composition crammed full of delicious Escapist shout-outs. From calling out fan favorite Zero Punctuation, to a mention of LoadingReadyRun, this little ditty references plenty of Escapist content favorites and in-jokes.

This number is aptly titled “Great Escape” and gives us a singular glimpse into the mind of a die-hard Escapist fan. You can listen to it below.

Now that you’ve heard the song, here are a couple of The Escapist staff’s favorite lyrics:

My great escape is one related link away.

Five years running and it keeps getting better
I don’t know how Susan Arendt keeps it together
I enjoyed your site so much I thought I’d write you a letter
Let you know, let y’all know I hope you publish forever.

Thanks again to btenkink for this amazing contribution!

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