Yahoo has released a new video announcement featuring the cast of Community and a new premiere date.

The cult series Community will make its Yahoo debut next month on March 17th. Yahoo revealed the show’s season six premiere date in a video announcement earlier today featuring the show’s cast. Unlike its previous seasons, which aired on NBC, season six’s thirteen episodes will only be available via Yahoo’s video streaming service Yahoo Screen. The season will open with two new episodes, followed by two more every following Tuesday.

Community‘s path to season six is, arguably, one of the more tumultuous television stories in recent memory. The series spent the better part of its existence perched on the edge of cancellation cliff due to its consistently middling ratings. Despite this, NBC continued to renew the series. When it hit season four however, conflicts with creator Dan Harmon came to a head, prompting NBC to remove him from its production. After an even more lackluster season four however, Harmon returned to lead the show through its fifth season, after which NBC finally pulled the plugged on the whole shebang. While many assumed this would be its end, rumors began to emerge that it could be revived via streaming services like Netflix. In June 2014, Sony Pictures Television confirmed that it would be shooting a new season for Yahoo Screen.

Speaking as a huge Community fan, I couldn’t be more excited for season six. The show’s oddball mixture of sitcom tropes with nerd homage and satire never ceases to entertain me, and while it’s a shame that the new season will see the departure of another core cast member,. season five left me confident in Harmon’s ability to organically write out old characters and introduce new ones who immediately mesh with the show’s unique tone. Now we just need get that movie out of the way and we’ll all be able to die happy.

Source: Deadline


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