Concept Art Shows What The BioShock Movie Could Have Been


We will never see the cancelled BioShock movie, but now we can see what it might have looked like.

The BioShock movie was first announced back in 2008, as part of a deal between developer Take-Two and movie producer Universal studios. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as BioShock creator Ken Levine personally killed the project when Universal started to get cold feet. Now, concept artist Jim Martin has released a slew of images he made for the cancelled film, offering a glimpse at what could have been.

The art is gloomy, and moody, and seems to do a pretty good job of capturing the feel of the BioShock universe. The shots of Rapture from the outside look particularly cool, although I will admit some of the indoors shots look a little off. Enjoy the gallery below:

Martin, whose previous credits include The Incredible Hulk, was brought on by director Gore Verbinski to produce some art for the movie. The movie was set to have a script to be written by John Logan (The Last Samurai). No-one bar the guys actually working on it know what the plot was going to be, but you’d assume it would be something related to the game’s main story.

Universal started to feel uneasy about the film, which was to have an R rating and a $200 million budget, after the commercial failure of The Watchmen, and rather than compromise with the studio, Levine reportedly decided to just go ahead and pull the plug completely.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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