For this weekend only, Interdimensional Games is giving Consortium away on Steam for absolutely no cost.

It’s been two years since Interdimensional Games released Consortium, an indie RPG that played like the love-child of Deus Ex and Stanley Parable. The game was short, sweet, and highly replayable, telling a story of alternate timelines that left fans craving a sequel. If you haven’t played it yet and this concept intrigues you – which it should – you’re in luck! Consortium is available this weekend for free on Steam.

Consortium follows Bishop Six, a special operative of a global peacekeeping agency in 2042. During a routine flight over Dublin, Six discovers the body of a fellow crewmate moments before their airship is attacked by militant extremists. Six finds himself investigating the murder while simultaneously preventing an international crisis, all while remaining unsure of who to trust.

But that’s not even Consortium‘s big gimmick: It’s that you’re not Six at all. You play as yourself, hacking Six’s brain from our world as part of an alternate timeline experiment. It’s a really clever twist that gives you in-game decisions cosmic consequences, making Consortium one of 2014’s most memorable RPGs.

Consortium was easily among my favorite games of 2014, and it’s hard to beat a free price tag. Even better, anyone who downloads the game this weekend will have it permanently attached to their Steam account. Here’s hoping that means we’ll have more news regarding Consortium: The Tower soon, because the past two years have been a very long wait.

Source: Steam

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