Contrast Trailer Will Puzzle And Delight You


You know in stories, where the little girl is really a princess?

Get a look at Contrast, an intriguing new title from Compulsion Games. This is Didi’s trailer, Didi being the little girl who’s trying to reunite her parents with the help of Dawn, a friend only Didi can see. Didi wants her father Johnny back, but before she gets her wish – if she gets her wish – there’s puzzles to solve, as she explores the adult world with a child’s outlook on life.” Contrast is a mystery centred around cabaret, live jazz, fairgrounds, acrobatics and illusions,” promises Montreal-based Compulsion. That’s a damn fine tune in the trailer, and if you’re wondering who provided the electro swing, wonder no more.

You don’t play as Didi, but as Dawn, the mystery lady who can travel through shadows – or as a shadow – exploring the world of Contrast. It’s a puzzle platformer, in which you need to reach key points in the level using your special abilities while at the same time collecting the spheres you’ll need to activate objects. “The interplay of shadow and light in the game seem to be as much a game mechanic as a psychological allegory for Didi’s story,” Compulsion says, “and what is Didi’s story?” Ahh, the mystery; but what a stylish mystery it is.

As to when it’s due, no, nobody knows, but the Contrast team promises it will be soon. What does soon mean? It means soon, that’s what it means; tentatively end of 2013, but don’t hold anyone to that. It will be coming for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS4 when it finally debuts, so at least you’ll have a choice of platforms.

Source: Contrast

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