Cool Steampunk Lunchbox for the Scientist on the Move


When you have to leave the lab, make sure you have somewhere to put your sandwiches.


Whether piloting a dirigible or battling mechanical serpents, being a man – or lady – of science will often take you to the strangest of places, so it often behoves one to take a packed lunch. Sadly, common luncheon vessels are often much too pedestrian for a true scientist to be seen with.

Thankfully, the constant search for an appropriate place to put the cucumber sandwiches and raspberry tarts is over, for one lucky soul at least, with this custom-made steampunk lunchbox. According to its creators, the box “is simply ready for any adventure,” although in their eyes is should be used for tools, not snacks.

Either way, the box seems fairly elaborate in its design, and sort of looks like it should be powering something, like an Etherite Evaporator or a Tesla Armature. Personally, I’m just pleased to have somewhere to put my lunch.

Source: Fashionably Geek

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