Corbomite Studios Introduce us to “Pizza Morgana”


Imagine Pizza Tycoon with Faeries and Vampires. No garlic bread then?

I really don’t know how to start describing this game. If I told you that it was based on an Israeli developed comic that has monsters delivering pizza, you’d probably think I’d lost the plot – or perhaps my mind – but that’s exactly what it is.

The original comic by Uri Fink tells of a young girl who finds herself in a strange new world called TerraMagia, where monsters like genies, nymphs, and vampires all co-exist, and have similar appetites to us.

The developers, Corbomite Studios, is promising to bring to life the world of “Pizza Morgana”. A world where, like Ninja Burger, mythological creatures are employed as delivery people. And in a radical transition, this game is being pushed towards girls, as the Morgana of the title is the proverbial Alice in Terramagia, rather than another Barbie Horse Adventures. If that’s not enough, it’s also a comedy game.

The first episode, imaginatively titled “Pizza Morgana: Episode One”, is currently in beta and due to be released in Spring 2009.

If it’s anywhere as good as Girl Genius, I think they’re onto a winner.

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