Spec Ops: The Line director Cory Davis & Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck open the Eyes Out game studio to make a cosmic horror game.

Headed by Spec Ops: The Line director Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, Eyes Out is a new game development studio with intriguing aspirations. Its official website describes it as an “arthouse” studio, “forged from a fusion of visionary exploration and musical collaboration” that aims to tap into “the powerful synesthesia that emerges from music, narrative, and interactive experiences.” The first project currently in the works from Eyes Out is a single-player cosmic horror game with a focus on environmental storytelling. While there are no concrete details about that project, Eyes Out has released an unsettling video to announce itself.

Davis is a veteran in the realm of horror-based video games. Beyond Spec Ops: The Line, he has worked as a level designer on the Condemned and F.E.A.R. franchises, and he most recently headed development on the VR horror experience Here They Lie. Meanwhile, Finck’s work with Nine Inch Nails should need little introduction. In the video game realm, he has previously contributed to Observation and NOCT.

The team so far includes a variety of collaborators from Here They Lie, but there are also members from the worlds of film and art, as well as industry veterans with credits ranging from Gears of War and Hogwarts Legacy to Half-Life and The Evil Within. Stay tuned for updates on what this team is cooking up — and to see what happens when the creative energy behind Spec Ops and Nine Inch Nails is thrown in a blender.


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