Sadly, portal guns aren’t real, but if they were, they might look something like this.

Ninja of the Night, a cosplay group based in the Pacific Northwest, has taken home the award for the “Best Dramatic Skit,” at this year’s FanimeCon convention, with a short piece based on Valve’s first-person puzzle game Portal.

The event, called the Masquerade, took place over the weekend at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The skit contains everyone’s favorite characters from the first game, which is to say Chell and GLaDOS, although we only get to hear the latter’s voice. The Weighted Companion Cube is in there too, although whether he/she/it counts as a character is debatable, and thankfully gets through the proceedings without anyone tossing him/her/it into an incinerator.

It’s a fun little piece, and rather well coordinated and choreographed. The costumes and props look pretty much spot on too, although the Companion Cube looks like he/she/it is slumming it a little. Of course, whether or not the props are exactly right really isn’t the point. If you want to watch more of Ninja of the Night’s work, you can see plenty more videos on their official YouTube page.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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