If you like lovely ladies, helping Japanese tsunami victims, and keeping track of what day it is, Cosplay for a Cause has just what you need.

If your area has ever been hit with a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster, you know that life doesn’t simply return to normal once the camera crews pack up and move onto the next story. While the March 11, 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan may seem like a distant memory to Westerners, many Japanese citizens still need help. If you’re itching to help the Japanese Red Cross but need a little extra kick in the pants, Cosplay for a Cause has just the solution: a calendar full of talented cosplayers. Better yet, if you’re feeling overly encumbered by money, the site is auctioning off a signed calendar, featuring autographs from each of the eighteen costumed cuties who posed.

Cosplay for a Cause notes that much of Japan still feels the “continuing repercussions” of March’s natural disaster, and underwent considerable effort to get every girl (as well as the male artists) involved to sign the calendar. This was no mean feat, as the twenty-odd participants live in seven countries, ranging from Canada to Russia, and the USA to the Philippines. The auction continues until January 26, 2012, and will ship the calendar just about anywhere in the world. Those interested in bidding should be prepared to set aside a considerable sum, though; as of the time of writing, the auction sits at $330 with 33 bids. If your tastes skew a little cheaper, of course, you could always purchase the regular calendar for $18. Either way, 100% of the proceeds benefit the Japanese Red Cross.

The calendar itself is fairly simple: It includes January 2012 through December 2012, with January 2013 thrown in for good measure. Eighteen expert cosplayers lent their abilities to the calendar, representing a wide swath of Japanese videogames and anime. Four comic book artists edited the photos and created appropriate backgrounds, giving the whole production a slightly surreal, animated feel. Some of the photos are alluring, but all of them appear tasteful, so you could probably get away with hanging this one up at work. Of course, if you decide to take it home and keep it to yourself, we won’t judge you. Much.

Source: OMG DJ Judy

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