This Lord of Terror costume creation is one of the coolest you’re likely to see, and it was made faster and cheaper than you’d probably expect.

Diablo III‘s Lord of Terror looks pretty darn scary in the trailer for the game. In real life the creature looks frightening as Hell (haha, Hell). A talented fan has created an epic costume that looks downright terrifying in low light – though it gets a bit of a downgrade to “creepy and bizarre” when it’s shown stalking around a driveway in daylight, next to the family pick-up truck.

The costume was assembled by Oklahoma-based Blizzard fan Joshua Smith. You can actually see the progression video where he details the construction in a separate video. I’m not certain what Smith’s background is when it comes to constructing costumes, but this guy is certainly talented. What’s really impressive, though, is that the majority of the Lord of Terror was created fairly quickly and for very little money:

The entire upper half of the costume’s body was constructed, assembled, and painted in the time frame of 8 days, each day working approximately 4 hours. About $145 has went into the materials, all of them being purchased from Walmart except for the black gloves (marching gloves) that were bought from a local music store.

Glue Sticks (2 Small Stick Packs, 3 Large Sticks Packs)
Aluminum Foil (37 ft Heavy Duty)
Poster Board (10 Sheets)
Craft Foam (4 Foam 12 Packs)
LED Lights (2 Batt. Operated Packs)
C Batteries (6 Pack and 4 Pack)
Paint (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow)
Clear Coat Spray (2 Cans)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Gloves (1 Pair)

Smith is planning to attend BlizzCon next year, so be sure to go up and give him some well-deserved kudos. Also, try not to pee your pants when he extends his arm to shake your hand.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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