Tactical Intervention, Mihn “Gooseman” Le’s new tactical FPS, releases March 28th.

Everything old is new again. Along with turn-based strategy, tactical FPSs seem to be resurging as well. After years in closed beta, Mihn “Gooseman” Le’s new FPS Tactical Intervention is ramping up for a release on March 28th. It aims to shake up the competitive FPS market with a host of new additions.

Back in 1999, Le co-created the original Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life. Valve bought both the mod and most of the dev team a year later, polishing the little mod into the competitive classic it is today. There, he was working on Counter-Strike 2, but the project was eventually scrapped. Afterwords, he left to create his own game. Almost a decade later, that game is getting released.

As per his previous creation, Tactical Intervention features two teams of players trying to off each other with modern paramilitary equipment. There are a few new additions this time around, including rappelling, attack dogs, and vehicles. A complete list of availible items (including varieties of headsets and protective eyewear) can be found on the official site. It will run within the comfortable confines of a modified Source Engine. Players looking for a taste can play in the open beta starting March 14th, with early access keys being handed out via Joystiq.

Tactical Intervention has been in closed beta since 2010 and in development even longer. Recently, it has been picked up by F2P MMO publisher OGPlanet for distribution.

Source: Tactical Intervention

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