Counter-Strike‘s Spiritual Successor Out On Steam


Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le hopes you’ll have fun blasting the VIP in Tactical Intervention.

Tactical Intervention, the free to play shooter created by Minh Le of Counter-Strike fame, is out on Steam now for those of you seeking a new way to scratch that FPS itch. Maybe you’ll hijack a car and carry out a drive-by shooting on the target, or maybe you’ll rappel down the side of a building and bust in through the window. Your attack dog could be very useful keeping enemies off your back for a vital few seconds, while you free the hostages. Or maybe you’ll just get shot, as often happens to folks like me; but someone’s got to be the loser, in a team-based shooter.

“Things are INSANELY busy right now,” Mihn Le Tweets, and no wonder. He’s been working solidly on Tactical Intervention – a labor of love – since leaving Valve. “I wanted to have my own game,” said Le to IGN. “I was never able to put in all the cool features I wanted because the people who played Counter-Strike would [complain] about all the changes.” The goal was to make something that wasn’t complicated, was fun to play, and that doesn’t take forever to reach a conclusion as the last survivors scurry around the map trying not to get sniped. Looks like Le may have succeeded, and it’s good to see his project hit Steam, his old employer’s service.

Want this one? Do you want all the DLC? Well, though this is a free to play the DLC will cost you; there are three packs, the Terrorist Starter Pack ($14.99, you get a Bulldog pet and other fun stuff), the Counter-Terrorist Starter Pack ($14.99, want a Siberian Husky?) and the Quick Fire Pack ($6.99, guns galore), or $36.97 in all.

Source: Steam

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