Could this be the return to form that Godzilla has been long overdue for?

With 2014’s Godzilla grossing nearly $530 million on a $160 million budget, it’s safe to say that the King of the Monsters is back with a vengeance. As such, Toho announced plans back in August to bring the franchise back to Japan for the “biggest Godzilla yet,” which would “take on new challenges that the previous ones haven’t attempted.”

How does Toho plan on accomplishing this? By bringing in special effects master Shinji Higuchi to direct, for starters, who in turn promised to use the cutting-edge techniques he brought to the Attack on Titan movie to make Godzilla “more terrifying than ever before.”

Of course, words are just words. Lucky for us, the first behind-the-scenes images from Godzilla: Resurgence managed to find their way online yesterday. Check ’em out.

Well that’s…pretty goddamn creepy. Is anyone else getting a Spawn vibe from this, oddly enough?

The reaction to the leaked photos has been a bit muted so far, but there’s more! According to Birth.Death.Movies., the reason Godzilla looks the way he does in said photos has to do with a key element of the plot that, true to Toho’s statement, has never been done before in a Godzilla film. (SPOILERS BELOW)

So when we first see Godzilla in the film, he is going to be a burnt-out and scarred monster, which is what we see represented in these photos. But he won’t look like that the whole film. Like some of his foes before him, Godzilla will actually change as the film progresses. I’ve been told that by his third form, he should look like a much more standard Godzilla.

We still don’t know if Godzilla is going to fight other monsters or end up being a good guy. But I have heard that this new suit is way bigger than normal, almost twice the size of an average person, which is very exciting.

So yeah, it would appear that Toho is pulling out all the stops for Godzilla: Resurgence, and if the final product looks anything like Attack on Titan did, then it’s gonna be pure nightmare fuel.

Godzilla: Resurgence hits theaters July 29th, 2016.

Source: MovieWeb

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