Creepy Skyrim Serial Killer Keeps Heads on Shelves

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One player brought the decapitation perk to its logical conclusion.

Skyrim is now well-recognized as the pinnacle in open-ended and emergent gameplay. The designers at Bethesda have provided a fantasy sandbox where players are generally able to do whatever they wish. While some players have scoffed at not being able to murder children – and installed mods which allowed such “pedo-cide” – one player decided to turn the creep-factor up to eleven without any apparent mods. The one-handed or two-handed weapon perk decapitation performs the killing blow by cutting off the victim’s head. YouTube poster “Symixable” created a video of his house which he just happened to decorate with the bodies and heads of the women he has killed in Skyrim.

The video tour of Symixable’s house in what looks like Solitude (I haven’t gotten there yet in my game, let me know if I’m wrong) is downright disturbing. The music certainly adds to the horror ambiance to make you feel nervous just hearing it, but I think the fact that the women are all devoid of clothing is what really puts this video into freaky serial-killer territory. Like that guy who watches the Buffalo Bill scene in Silence of the Lambs a little too often, I fear for Symixable’s sanity.

I respect that a player can play any role in Skyrim, even that of a deviant killer. I just don’t want this guy anywhere near me, in game or not.

Source: YouTube

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