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Crisis Core Remaster Announced for Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, & PC

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Square Enix has announced Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a remaster of the classic Sony PSP title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam with a release date of this winter. This is one of the announcements to come out of the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast today. For those who could use a refresher, Crisis Core is an action RPG prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 1, starring fan-favorite SOLDIER Zack Fair. The remaster will offer updated visuals and new features.

Check out for the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion remaster announcement trailer below.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII originally launched on PSP in the West in 2008. It received a strong critical reception for its action gameplay and its engaging narrative that fleshed out the world of Final Fantasy VII in meaningful ways. Zack proved to be a highly endearing protagonist by being something that had become relatively rare at the time: a cheerful good guy who just wanted to help people. However, in being a prequel, the ending of the game was already clear in advance. Since Final Fantasy VII Remake is telling a story that remixes some key events of the original game, it will be curious to see how Part 2 might further remix Zack Fair’s backstory.

In any case, there are many people who never owned a PSP, so longtime Final Fantasy fans will be happy to hear a Crisis Core remaster is on its way to Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC soon as Reunion. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII Remake is also headed to Steam, and the sequel has been revealed for PS5, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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