Crusader Kings III

Paradox Interactive has announced that its latest PC strategy game, Crusader Kings III, will launch on Sept. 1. The game was first revealed in October 2019 at PDXCon.

Crusader Kings III will be available in two different versions, the Standard Edition for $49.99 and the Royal Edition for $74.99. The Royal Edition will include the Expansion Pass, consisting of three unannounced future DLC releases: the first Flavor Pack, the first major expansion, and the second Flavor Pack. Flavor Packs are in-game content that focuses on a certain theme or region and can be bought for $6.99 separately. Major expansions will be $29.99 separately and introduce larger content updates and mechanics.

Those who buy the Expansion Pass or the Royal version will receive the Fashion of the Abbasid Court bonus, which includes new costumes inspired by the Middle East and North Africa. Those who also preorder either version will get the Garments of the Holy Roman Empire set, which are additional outfits inspired by the people of Central Europe. Both of these sets will be available for purchase separately for $2.99 later on.

Crusader Kings III is now available to preorder on the Paradox Store, Steam, and the Microsoft Store. The game will also come to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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