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After nearly a decade since the last mainline entry, Crytek has announced Crysis 4 with an article and an ambiguous teaser trailer. In typical Crysis fashion, it’s all very pretty but doesn’t give us much to go on. While Crytek says Crysis 4 is only this project’s working title, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the studio stick with this name going forward. The game has “a long road ahead,” and the announcement today seems to be mostly a recruiting measure, inviting game developers to join the team to build the project. Crytek did offer a few words about the game though.

“Right now the game is in the early stages of development so it will be a while yet, but we wanted to bring you the news at this time as we are so hyped for the future, and to let you know that we will be listening to our community,” Crytek explained. “Crytek has a proud history of working with our community to develop the games you want to play. Crysis is incredibly important to so many people–it’s beloved by gamers everywhere, and some of those working in the industry today are doing so because of the original game–so we want to make sure the next installment in the franchise lives up to all of your expectations.”

The company released Crysis Remastered late in 2020 and then followed up with Crysis Remastered Trilogy in 2021. While many fans enjoyed the beefed-up versions of the developer’s first-person shooter powerhouses, few expected to receive news of a new installment so soon. Crysis 4 will almost certainly melt your PC when it launches, but you can be sure to stay tuned for more information on additional platforms as development continues.

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