Custom-Made Iron Man Gauntlet Shoots a Real, Live Rocket


Patrick Priebe, creator of this crazy Iron Man gauntlet that fires a real rocket, has become a real-life Tony Stark.

It’s the attention to detail that separates good cosplayers from amazing cosplayers. Things like fully-functional Wolverine claws, or, a fully-functional Iron Man gauntlet that fires a real, live, rocket (although these would probably get you thrown out of most convention centers). Laser Gadget’s Patrick Priebe has done the latter, creating a thing of beauty and magnificence that I’m sure Mr. Stark himself would be proud of.

You can check out Preibe’s demonstration of his crazy gadget to the right, in which he demonstrates how a trigger on the palm section fires the rocket, just like Stark does in the movies. He then goes ahead and straps a live, explosive, rocket to his arm, and fires it out in the field to show that yes, this is a real missile.

Preibe’s gauntlet also has a couple of sweet laser pointers on it, one to act as an aiming laser for the rocket, and another to imitate Iron Man‘s iconic palm boosters (though sadly, they do not allow him to fly).

For those of you hoping to replicate this thing yourselves, Preibe makes it clear that he will not post any plans or tutorials, as his creation is, “insanely stupid as always,” and really too dangerous for a detailed guide.

“Just enjoy the video,” he urges. We will, Mr. Preibe. We will.

If you enjoyed this, Preibe has a whole suite of other cool laser gadgets on his website to check out, including Cyclops’ laser visor, and a Dead Space laser cutter.

Source: YouTube

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