Cute Zerg Conquer Heart of the Swarm Trailer


Awww, lookit, he’s licking that nice marine. Now the other nice marine’s being bathed in acid.

Remember Blizzard’s Heart of the Swarm trailer, with its ominous drums and fiery chaos? Well, so do the folks at Carbot Animations, except that they had a more … charming idea. Cute Zerg! Cute Zerg all tongue-lickin’ and smiling and eating planets. As they do.

Carbot Animations are the ones behind the StarCrafts parody. Yes, they have a site, and a store; yes, there are other episodes. Quite a few, in fact.

Carbot describes itself as “the realization of the dreams of two brothers, who share a passion for entertainment, parodies and good humor.” It’s a fairly recent thing; October 2012 was its website start date.

Happy Thursday, by the way.

Source: Carbot Animations

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