Cyberpunk Shooter Hard Reset Revealed


It’s guns against the machine in Hard Reset, a new sci-fi shooter from Polish studio Flying Wild Hog described as Blade Runner, The Matrix and Painkiller, all rolled into one.

Hey, I know: invoking Blade Runner, The Matrix and Painkiller is setting the bar awfully high. In most cases I’d just ridicule the mere suggestion and move on, but Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind the game, is formed of veterans of People Can Fly – that’s the Painkiller and Bulletstorm folks – CD Projekt RED – you might have heard of their Witcher games – and City Interactive – they’d be the Sniper: Ghost Warrior guys. That’s the kind of lineup that gets my attention, and makes me think that maybe it’s not all empty talk.

In Hard Reset, the robots have taken over and humanity finds itself reduced to one last enclave, the city of Bezoar. It’s here that Major Fletcher – that’s you – makes his stand against the invading mechanical enemy. But as he’s drawn deeper into the conflict, he discovers that nothing is what it seems. It’s a little short on detail at this point, but a robotic onslaught in a dystopian cyberpunk future held off by Dolph Lundgren with a glowing blue robot eye? Yes, please, I would like to sign up for your mailing list.

Pricing has not yet been announced but is expected to fall “somewhere between AAA releases like Battlefield 3 and lighter-weight ‘downloadable’ FPSes.” We won’t have long to wait to find out; even though Hard Reset was only announced today, the game is scheduled for launch in September 2011, exclusively for the PC. Find out more at

Source: PC Gamer

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