Cyborg Arm Designed Only To Eat Potato Chips


You’ve might have issues if you need a mechanical arm just to avoid getting your hands greasy while eating chips.

There’s a mechanical limb being sold in Japan that couldn’t be more uselessly awesome. Takara Tomy’s Potato Chip Hand is the perfect gift for anyone that wants to avoid the horror of greasy fingers, but still wants to eat potato chips.

As demonstrated by this noticeably not-Japanese guy on Japanese television, chopsticks are no way to eat chips. No, for a task like that you need something much better: You need the Potato Chip Hand! Does it sound like a simple product? Well think again, because the Potato Chip Hand has patented features that make it better than any cyborg arm you’ve ever seen before.

It uses the “No Broken Clutch System” (I’m guessing the video’s “clunch” means “clutch”) that will ensure it’ll never break a chip no matter how hard you squeeze the trigger. The “No Touch Table System” keeps the hand from touching whatever slimy or gross table you might be placing it on when not chomping on chips. Takara Tomy has really thought of everything, and it’s only around $8.

You know, the Potato Chip Hand seems silly, but I really do hate greasy fingers. If I’m using a keyboard, mouse, or game controller, it’s annoying to get Dorito cheese crumbs all over them. This might actually be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Too bad I have to go all the way to Japan to get one. If someone’s in the neighborhood, pick one up, will you?

Via: TokyoMango via io9

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