A Cincinnati man has been charged with beating his young son after the boy performed poorly while playing a videogame.

50-year-old Terry Taulbee of Cincinnati, Ohio, was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for hitting his six-year-old son on his lower back and buttocks, leaving the area painfully swollen with a large red hand mark. While it was initially unclear whether the assault occurred as the result of Taulbee’s gameplay or his son’s, the boy’s mother confirmed with police that Taulbee “became upset when the boy didn’t play well.”

Other details, such as the game in question or whether the father has a previous history of violence, haven’t been released. Joystiq suggested the boy was actually playing Boong-ga Boong-ga but later clarified that the remark was just an incredibly tasteless attempt at making a joke. Not that it’s particularly relevant; smacking a kid because he’s having trouble with a videogame is so completely beyond the pale that it doesn’t matter whether he’s playing solitaire or Gary Grigsby’s Pacific War.

Taulbee was being held at the Hamilton County Jail while he awaiting arraignment, which was expected to take place today. The boy’s mother has filed for a restraining order.

Source:, via GamePolitics

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