Dad Shares Video of Daughter’s Adorable Marvel Trivia Test


Four year old Mia Grace demonstrates her ability to geek out in a Marvel-centric comic quiz.

One of the scariest parts of being a father is the knowledge that you, as a parent, are responsible for the education of another human being. Setting aside the logistics of making sure they pay attention and learn, the trickiest business is often deciding what to teach them. We live in a world filled to the brim with knowledge of all varieties. A mere Google search can introduce you to an endless variety of subjects, any of which could take years to explore and master. For one father however, answering the question of what to teach his daughter was simple: superheroes.

Reddit user sooperskip, who runs the website Daddy Dad Blog, recently posted a video to YouTube where he quizzes his daughter, Mia Grace, on all things Marvel. Considering she’s only four, Mia’s knowledge of the Marvel universe is actually fairly impressive and while her Dad does have to offer a few hints here to jog her memory it’s undeniably adorable to see the recognition pop in her eyes when she remembers an answer. The element that really makes the video, however, is the clear pride Dad has in his daughter. While her has refrained from showing her the movies because of her age, he reads comics with her and describes her as a “superhero junkie.” He looks about as pleased as a plum during the trivia session.

I will confess to this one striking a personal chord for me. My own daughter will be ten months old in about a week and one of my greatest fears is that she’ll be pushed by the world’s expectations to like certain things, and only certain things. Being a comic fan myself, I would, of course, love it if she were to grow up sharing that hobby with me. That said, my bigger concern is just making sure she feels personally free to enjoy whatever she wants, whether it’s princesses or The Avengers. The existence of little Girls like Mia, who her Dad describes her as being “at her heart a Princess” in addition to her love of Marvel is more than a touch encouraging.

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