Dance Moms' reunion, with several of the girls from the show smiling at the camera.

Dance Moms: Where Are They Now? Explained

Reality TV show Dance Moms has been running for eight seasons with over 20 would-be dancers, and it’s also spawned a handful of spin-offs. But where are the original Dance Moms contestants now? Here’s an explanation.

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Dance Moms: Where Are They Now? Explained

While some of Dance Moms‘ contestants have dropped out of professional dancing, many are still in the business, and some have explored acting and other avenues. So here’s where the Dance Moms contestants are now.

Asia Monet Ray (Season 3): Ray left Dance Moms when she lost interested in competitive dancing, her interest dwindling before the show began. She’s now a model and singer (briefly dabbling in acting) and posts her songs, covers included, on YouTube.

Brady Farrar (Season 8): Farrar kept up with dancing and has a career as a dancer and choreographer.

Brooke Hyland (Seasons 1 -4): Via her YouTube channel, Brooke Hyland explained that once Dance Moms finished she basically caught her life up, going to school, university, and so on. She now works as an influencer and influencer manager.

Brynn Rumfallo (Seasons 6-7): Rumfallo is, as with many of the show’s former stars, active on social media, with over 435 thousand followers on YouTube and 2.9 million on Instagram. She no longer dances competitively but instead works as a choreographer in Arizona.

Camryn Bridges (Seasons 7): Bridges currently has a career as a professional dancer.

Chloe Lukasiak from Dance Moms
Screenshot via Lifetime

Chloe Lukasiak (Seasons 1-4, 7): Lukasiak doesn’t compete professionally any longer, but has confirmed that she still practices regularly. She put her experiences into a book, Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World and has also modelled and acted. Like many of Dance Moms former stars she is heavily active on social media.

Elliana Walmsley (Season 7): Walmsley went on to appear in several other reality TV shows and currently features in ongoing teen web series Chicken Girls. She models, has her own YouTube channel, and also teamed up with YouTuber Piper Rockelle as part of her ‘squad’.

GiaNina Paolantonio (Season 8): Dance Moms didn’t kill here interest in dancing, and she’s currently a dancer at her mom’s studio.

Hannah Colin (Season 8): Colin kept on dancing and is now an instructor at her mother’s dance studio.

Jojo Siwa in Dance Moms: Reunion
Screenshot via Lifetime

JoJo Siwa (Seasons 5-6): Siwa signed up with Nickelodeon and acted in many of their shows, often as herself. She has gone on to have a successful singing career, and has a high-profile social media presence. Siwa as was named as one of Time’s 100 most influential people. How influential? She had her own breakfast cereal, which is quite something.

Kalani Hilliker (Seasons 5-7): Since Dance Moms, Hilliker has acted, appearing as Sabrina in the show Dirt. Her current career is as a model and influencer, and she’s also dabbled in design.

Kendall Vertes in Dance Moms: Reunion
Screenshot via Lifetime

Kendall Vertes (Seasons 2 – 7): Vertes has continued to dance professionally and is currently part of her university’s team, the James Madison Dukettes. She has also acted and, while she’s supposedly the presenter of “The Kendall K. and Friends Show”, that appears to have been entirely made up by some internet prankster.

Lilliana Ketchman (Seasons 7-8): Ketchman has continued to dance, acting and modelling as well. She is currently an ambassador for the ICanHelp digital wellness charity.

Mackenzie Ziegler (Season 1 – 6): Mackenzie Ziegler has dialled back dancing and instead pursued careers in music and acting. She’s put out two albums and had the lead role in teen drama web series Total Eclipse. She teamed up with her sister to launch an American Eagle Outfitters fashion collection in 2023 and, like Maddie, has a massive social media following.

Maddie Ziegler (Season 1 – 6): Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie’s sister, has continued to dance, but has diversified into acting and writing. She appeared in the school shooting drama The Fallout and has written a trilogy of YA novels about a young competitive dancer. Ziegler is hugely popular on social media, with nearly 14 million followers on Instagram and appeared in Forbes’ 2023 30 Under 30 list.

Maesi Caes (Season 7): Caes has continued to dance and is dancing professionally at an Iowa dance studio.

Nia Sioux (Seasons 1-7): After Dance Moms, Sioux starred in soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful for a year, before her character was killed off in a car accident, and has also pursued singing. She’s active on Instagram and, though it seems to currently be on hiatus, co-hosts a podcast about ‘adulting’.

Paige Hyland in Dance Moms: Reunion
Screenshot via Lifetime

Paige Hyland (Seasons 1-4): Paige Hyland, Brooke’s sister, followed a similar path, going to school then university. She’s active on Instagram and TikTok, but she’s training in marketing and interning at Flexscreen, as seen on Shark Tank.

Paris Moore (Season 8): Moore has been getting on with her life and has continued to dance professionally.

Pressley Hosbach (Season 8): Hosbach is currently working as a professional dancer, and recently shared the trials of being on the road.

Sarah Georgiana (Season 8): As reported by Distractify, Georgiana is trying to make it in the entertainment industry and, going by her Instagram, continues to dance.

Savannah Kristich (Season 8): Kristich went on to tour as a professional dancer, though a dancing injury has been a setback.

Vivi-Anne Stein (Season 1): Stein has focused on professional dancing and, is still with mother’s studio Candy Apples Dance Center. However, the studio seems to be getting review bombed because of its association with the show.

As for instructor Abby Lee Miller? She’s parted company liwith Lifetime and didn’t appear on the Dance Moms: Reunion show. But you can watch that special here to see the dancers’ differing opinions of her.

And that’s an explanation of where the original Dance Moms contestants are now.

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