Dante’s Inferno devs Visceral Games say there’s room for the franchise to expand to “at least” two more games, if the first one works out alright.

Like Star Wars, The Godfather or Robocop, Dante’s The Divine Comedy has three parts. Inferno takes Dante through hell, Purgatorio finds him chilling out in Purgatory, and in Paradiso (spoiler alert) he finally makes it into Heaven, where he’s reunited with his beloved Beatrice and literally comes face-to-face with God.

Only one of these books is being made into a videogame at the moment – Inferno – but the fact that there’s more material to adapt means that the folks at Visceral Games feel that, post-Dante’s Inferno, there’s “at least room for two more [games] after that,” as they told VG247.

This could mean more games in the Inferno vein, and I’d imagine that they should, because Purgatorio and Paradiso don’t exactly make as exciting reading as Inferno, and moreover don’t seem nearly as suited toward a game adaptation, however loose. How you can turn a book about a dude walking around Heaven into an action game starring a guy who wields a huge scythe and slays demons is beyond me.

That’ll be a bridge Visceral will cross when it comes to it, however. The studio seems to have a large vision of where they could go with the franchise, but are firmly focused on the task of getting Inferno out the door in good condition right now.

“We’re not going to make any other games unless this one comes out fantastic, and that’s the same thing with any game that we’re working on,” general manager Glen Schofield said. “We focus, focus, focus on this one, knowing that there are opportunities to make others, but nobody’s thinking about them right now.”

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