Dark Dungeons the Jack Chick Flick Gets a Trailer


You need to socialize, Marcy, and what could possibly go wrong?

When the Jack Chick movie Dark Dungeons got Kickstarter funding in about ten seconds, its backers expected great things. Now we see how J.R. Ralls delivers, and it’s looking pretty sweet. Ever wondered how Dungeons and Dragons can lead you on a path to Satanism, depravity, and worse? Why not find out?

The plot’s pretty simple, which is to be expected given the source material. Debbie and Marcie are innocent college students, soon taught the wicked ways of tabletop roleplay by Ms. Frost. Real life magical powers, and a cheerful little pamphlet known as the Necronomicon, are the next couple of steps along the path of unrighteousness, and pretty soon our poor protagonists are in over their heads. Just remember: there’s more than one way to die …

This is a joint effort by Ralls and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, the folks who brought you The Gamers: Hands of Fate, among other fun films. August 14th is the date. Want to know more? Have a look over here.

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