Dark Souls Brings Doom and Gloom On October 4


Forget 2012, the world will probably end in early October 2011 when Namco Bandai releases Dark Souls.

Namco Bandai has whittled down the release of Dark Souls to a specific date, and in typical fashion shows us why we should be afraid rather than excited. The announcement that Dark Souls would be released in October 2011 came with a trailer showing the game’s many ways to die. The announcement that Dark Souls will be released on October 4 in North America (October 7 EU) is accompanied by a trailer showing the depressing state of Dark Souls‘ world.

The trailer gives us a first taste of the storyline that’ll be featured in Dark Souls. One of the game’s voice actors reveals that a “dark sign” brands the undead, which are then led to the north and locked away. For some reason, the player is locked away with these pathetic undead husks. Does that mean players are undead?

Another character mentions the Sands Fortress, a proving grounds built by ancient gods. As we can see, Sands Fortress is populated by awe-inspiring bosses. I have no clue know how to avoid the attacks of monsters that huge.

Players also evidently become something called a “Blade of the Dark Moon,” which could refer to an organization that needs you to kill these incredibly scary beasts. Overall, the storyline seems a bit deeper than that found in Demon’s Souls.

It’s still tough to tell exactly what’s going on in Dark Souls, but it’s obviously not very good. After Demon’s Souls, I guess we really shouldn’t have expected rainbows and unicorns anyway.

Dark Souls will be released for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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