Dark Void Morphs Into 8-Bit Side-scroller


Classic remakes must be doing well for Capcom, as the company is giving Dark Void the retro treatment.

Mega Man 10 isn’t the only 8-bit game Capcom has in the pipeline, Dark Void Zero has recently been announced for DSiWare, the PC, and mobile platforms. Dark Void Zero is an NES-style side-scroller based on the upcoming PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC title Dark Void, though Capcom would have you believe the opposite.

Along with the announcement of Dark Void Zero, Capcom released a story about how the game came into existence. According to the story, Capcom was working on a game called Dark Rift in the late ’80s for the NES and the PlayChoice-10 arcade cabinet, which used two screens just like the DS/DSi by the way. Along came the SNES, and Dark Rift was shelved and became a legendary lost project, until now. Capcom says in the story that Dark Void Zero is a revival of this lost project, rather than a retro remake. The full story can be found here.

I’m sure everyone will call me a gullible moron that should be taken out into the street and mauled by a gang of rabid gophers for even thinking that this back-story for Dark Void Zero could be true, but there is at least a slight possibility. Either way, Dark Void Zero looks seriously awesome, and it shows that somebody in Capcom is in touch with the videogame community at large that tends to remake stuff in an 8-bit style already. It could be a really fun extension to the Dark Void universe, which sounds pretty cool on its own anyway.

Dark Void Zero follows Rusty, the first human born in the Void, the alternate dimension that Dark Void takes place in which is ruled by aliens trying to get through to our world. Nikola Tesla will be lending a helping hand to Rusty, just as he will to the main character in Dark Void. With only three levels and a cost of 500 Nintendo Points ($5), I would hope that they’re pretty big levels. Dark Void Zero will hit DSiWare in January, followed by a PC and mobile release in February.

This faux NES-style Dark Void Zero box cover is also worth sharing:


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