Dark Void Trailer Confuses and Enthralls


Dark Void should be on every action gamer’s watch list. This new trailer introduces us to the game’s Watchers, who are… shapeshifting… robot… alien… slug… guys.

Dark Void is an upcoming action game from Capcom that just keeps looking better and better. First, its vertical combat system was highlighted, having players fight upward rather than forward. Then, the main character acquired a jetpack, allowing him to engage in flight combat and dismantle enemy UFOs, supposedly seamless with ground combat areas. Story details have so far revealed that Dark Void follows the tale of a pilot that travels to an alternate dimension called the Void when journeying through the Bermuda Triangle, where a group of survivors are battling the Watchers.

These Watchers, Dark Void‘s major antagonist group, are the stars of this trailer though I’m not really sure what they are. At one point, a glowing slug ejects itself from a robot suit of some kind. A shapeshifting creature transforms into a human, presumably to replace a government leader. At the end, a dragon-like creature is shown throwing a flying vessel at the game’s main character, crouching on a vessel of his own. Whatever the Watchers are, they rule over the Void and it’s the player’s main goal to take them down to stop them from crossing over into the real world.

Dark Void was likely pushed back to a release date of January 22, 2010 to avoid being overshadowed by some war game at the end of 2009. Now, it’s one of the top contenders to look out for early next year. People may have thought it was cool to have Leonardo Da Vinci create Ezio’s tools of murder in Assassin’s Creed 2, but Dark Void has this beat by far by adding mysterious genius Nikola Tesla who re-engineers Watcher technology. For bringing back Tesla alone, Dark Void deserves a look. Find out more at Dark Void‘s official website.

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